College Prep

Oh College Prepster. By far the best blog out there. This was the blog that inspired me to start a blog in the first place. Which by the way I haven't been on since October, so I'm back! College Prep always has these giveaway that are absolutely amazing. I've entered all of them but unfortunately have never won any. Which leads me to my main point! I am entering the latest giveaway in which Marley Lilly, the best place to get anything monogrammed, is giving away a monogrammed cutout necklace. I'm dying to get it. An entry for this giveaway is to blog about it, therefore I'm blogging away about it.

Check out the blog though!

The Calm of the Storm

The weather in Charlotte is completely bipolar. It was gorgeous earlier in the day. Then within a couple hours, the sky was blowing up. I was on Twitter and saw how everybody was tweeting about the sky. So, I looked out my window and couldn't help but getting my camera and taking pictures.
Front yard...


Statement Necklaces

I love statement necklaces on a black base. Kate Spade, you do statement necklaces oh so well.

Obsessed. This necklace with a pair of Frye boots, jeans, a white tank, and a brown cardigan or leather jacket? Perfect outfit.

Current Obsessions

I ditched the Tervis Tumbler and got a Lilly tumbler instead. I love starting my day off with my lemon water in it :)

I had an obsession with the Strawberry-Kiwi Vitamin water. So, you can only imagine how excited I was the day I saw this at Target. 

It is not secret that I'm in love with my Longchamp bag. I carry it literally, everywhere. It's my purse on the weekends as well as being my computer bag for school. There's so much room! My favorite part? I don't have to dig around for the many things I keep in my purse. 

My favorite blog by far. I have to read one of Carly's post before I end my day. Plus it inspired me to make my blog:)

Katy's Sweet Sixteen!

It was my friend Katy's 16th birthday this weekend! How did she celebrate? By throwing a huge Sweet Sixteen party at a country club, duh! The party had a blackout theme, and everyone there was decked out in black. My dress was a shift dress that had ruffles in a v on the back-I loved it! Me, being me, had to do something to add a little pizzaz to the outfit. So, I painted my nails red, wore a red statement necklace, put on red lipstick, and topped it off with my red hair.

It was such a fun night! Three hours of straight dancing and eating. Taking my heels off was such a good idea. 

Happy Birthday Katy! I love you!
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